Google Keywords Tools

If you have recently put up a new website, you should have all ready have heard words like: keywords, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Search engine optimization. Adwords, Adsense, SEO have one common denominator – Keywords. Illustrating their importance.

Google Adwords:

Adwords need keywords. With Adwords, you some up with a three-line ad – 25 word title, with two 35 word lines of ad copy. To get the impressions and clicks, you have to brainstorm for different keywords that vary but relevant to your target audience. It takes time, patience, continuous improvement. Hoping that the product you are selling doesn’t have to much competition, not a way to make a profit.

Google Adsense:

Adsense is Google’s advertising program that allows you to put targeted ads on your website. If someone clicks on the ad, you be paid a small amount of money. These ads are keyword driven and are relevant to your webpage or website.

There is more too it than just putting an ad on your website and expecting someone to click on it. What’s involved? Let’s see – color, position, style, to name just a few.

Search Engine Optimization:


SEO is keyword driven – the search engines pull the keywords from your web copy from the meta keywords tag. Granted, I still use the meta keywords tag, but maybe in the foreseeable future The search engines do, however, pull information from Meta Description, Meta Title, and the content of your websites. Thus, content does reign supreme.

Since content reigns supreme, each page should contain useful content and most importantly, your most relevant keywords that you want to emphasize. Secondly, it is best to try and base your keywords around a central theme. I have found that when the keywords diverts away from the main theme – that sends a red flag to search engines. So, if you want to look at your keywords and the density of the keywords on your website or webpage – You can get a quick rundown at Quailty Wacker Service for Machines.
In conclusion keywords are one of the main ingredients that lead people to your website, product, service and/or ad. …AND, keywords based around your quality content will help with your positioning on your website known as Higher PR.


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  1. Some good points, i have found creating high quality, one way releavnt Link Building improves your rankings for your chosen keywords. Its best not to spam your site with poor unrelevant links.