Why Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites on the internet right now. The main reason for this high popularity lays down in the simplicity and easy-to-use service for anyone. On Twitter, It’s all based around the staying in touch principle and you make more use of it if you stay active on it. This is not very hard, this service has a very high potential and somehow lure you to get more and more into it. I am going to show you a couple of reasons why do you need to join Twitter.

Get Connected
Twitter makes it easy to put yourself and your own business in front of the people you want to get in touch with. Every time you post a tweet, it will be displayed on the public timeline. Allowing your followers (your potential customers) to stay in touch with you directly. This makes a good opportunity to hear some feedbacks regarding to your site, service or a product. Creating good and quality connections make your offers more quality and productive for them. Twitter is a great tool which has a huge potential for you and your own business for sure.

Fast and Easy
As I have sad above, Twitter is a very fast and powerful social-networking service. Because of the limits to 140 characters per Tweet, make Twitter an ultimate tool for promotion and communication between thousands of users. I have to note that Twitter doesn’t have a followers limit you can have millions of them! Compared to the Facebook which have a limit to 5.000 friends you can add on your account. Everything going up on Twitter is in the real-time. You can know the latest news and announcements through the world within seconds, and actually be a part of it.

Stay in Touch
Twitter is not just about announcing people to know what exactly you are up to. Its also a good tool to communicate and stay in touch with similar-minded people to share experiences together. Staying in touch with other people couldn’t be easier than this its simple, fact and very productive. All you need to do when you find someone you like is to follow him/her and watch their updates and communicate between. This service opens the new opportunities for you and for your business. Allowing you also to stay in touch with your loyal readers (followers) and your own potential partners. Also, it is a good way to find new friends.

Great Marketing Tool
Twitter is a great tool for a bloggers and webmasters. Allowing you to connect your blog with your Twitter account and post updates directly to it. This may give you an instant readers and better crawl on the search engines. Of course, this automatically affects your blog traffic and quality of it. Also, you can post and advertise your products, sites and services through your own Twitter profile. Giving you opportunity to make Twitter as a great marketing tool completely for free.

Twitter allows you to do many things. No matter you use it for a promotion, fun or satisfaction; you’ll always have an opportunity to make something more with it. It’s a huge community created with the real people all around the world. It’s completely free service with no annoying advertisements; maybe that’s why it’s so popular.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, I recommend you to create one completely for free.


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