Design logo software

Design logo software has changed all of our lives and given us the capability to sit behind a monitor and be our own graphic designer.  However, it’s not that easy, there are several pieces of software to edit your projects the most well known being Photoshop.  There is a clear cut rival to Photoshop called GIMP, this software that is very comparable to Photoshop.

Lets take a look at why…

1. GIMP is free.  Yes free, no charge.  Photoshop costs upwards of $700 for a single license.

2. GIMP has a smaller foot print, about 18x smaller then Photoshop.  Not only does the install faster, but it takes up less space on your hard drive making it the excellent for laptops and netbooks.

design logo software

3. Photoshop is resource intensive, it will run on older computers but it’s not optimized to and will be slow.  GIMP on the other hand will install on nearly any hardware running Mac, Windows or even Unix!

4. Photoshop was created as a piece of software targeted for graphics and photographic editing, never just design logo software. The layout of the screen is comparable to that of Photoshop, but is also customizable and flexible.

5.Open source architecture meansanyone can amend the core code and develop their own pluginsand features, you don’t need to be approved by Adobe.

6. Batch processing through automation is far superior in GIMP.  Because photographers often need to do repeatable procedures to large groups of photo’s this feature alone vital

8.Free upgrades.  Since GIMP is a free download, install and use software, upgrades are free!

With all the advantages and benefits to GIMP and the free price of the software, it’s most definitely worth looking at when searching for design logo software.


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