Blank Page Design Fear

As I first start out my journey into web design and website management I find myself sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of food for thought that is out there. I feel like a hungry man at a buffet and don’t know when to stop eating and start digesting. Some times all the theory is for nothing if the rubber doesn’t meet the pavement.

In order to do something awe-inspiring, you have to start design projects that, for a while, will fall well short of awesome. And as we all know from experience, looking at your own lame ideas (or that blank page or blinking cursor) can be particularly un-inspiring. From what I have experienced in any of my careers (I have had a few) is at the beginning, the process of getting awesome is by honing and refining your skills until you become great. This then means getting comfortable with sucking in the early stages of any new design project.

Some tips that have helped me get over my apprehension and fears (admit it, we all have them in the beginning) and actually produce results are.

• Learn to accept the sensation of not knowing where something is going or what exactly it is becoming. Flow like water to cut through rock

• Power through self-doubt by simply continuing to work, even if what you produce sucks. You can always fix it later. Saving your renders and drafts is key here

• Don’t judge. Eventually you will need to finish stuff and have a critical eye. Just not right at the beginning. Design takes time

• Set aside a small amount of time for the work on a regular basis: no email, no interruptions, and no excuses. Proper scheduling will yield excellent results

• Get started, even if you feel unimaginative. We tend to believe that thinking leads to working, but more often, the opposite it true.

Hopefully these brief tips help with your web design or any design project. Even if all they do is remind you of how far you have come in your career.


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